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Proposed Sales Tax Information

Find the latest reports, videos and other information here regarding a proposed citywide sales tax for key priorities: jobs, water, streets and public transportation.


 Final Plans




 Background Information

Proposed Sales Tax Background.pdfStrategic Plan (SP) - AllProposed Sales Tax Background
City Sales Tax Information.pdfStrategic Plan (SP) - AllCity Sales Tax Information9/17/14
City Sales Tax Information Condensed Form.pdfStrategic Plan (SP) - AllCity Sales Tax Information Condensed Form
PowerPoint Presentation - City Sales Tax - Plans and Background.pdfCommunity PresentationsPowerPoint Presentation - City Sales Tax - Plans and Background
Strategic Plan Follow Up.pdfCommunity PresentationsStrategic Plan Follow Up07-22-2014
Proposed City Sales Tax - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).pdfCommunity PresentationsProposed City Sales Tax - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
5-Yr Street Rehab Map.pdfSP - Street & Road Maintenance5-Yr Street Rehab Map
Street Rehab Map.pdfSP - Street & Road MaintenanceStreet Rehab Map
ASR Public Forum Presentation.pdfSP - Water SupplyASR Public Forum PresentationNew
Water Supply Plan.pdfSP - Water SupplyWater Supply Plan
Jobs Plan.pdfSP - Economic Development (Jobs)Jobs Plan
Pavement Maintenance Plan.pdfSP - Street & Road MaintenancePavement Maintenance Plan
Transit Plan.pdfSP - Public TransportationTransit Plan
Strategic Plan Implementation Timetable.pdfStrategic Plan (SP) - AllStrategic Plan Implementation Timetable07-22-2014
WSU Summary Report of Community Information Meetings.pdfStudiesWSU Summary Report of Community Information Meetings07-22-2014
Enhanced ASR Evaluation (Water Supply).pdfStudiesEnhanced ASR Evaluation (Water Supply)07-2014
Pavement Maintenance.pdfSP - Street & Road MaintenancePavement Maintenance07-22-2014
Transit Cost and Outcomes.pdfSP - Public TransportationTransit Cost and Outcomes07-22-2014
Strategic Plan - Building a Better Future Presentation.pdfCommunity PresentationsStrategic Plan - Building a Better Future Presentation06-2014
Water Supply Planning Community Engagement Handout.pdfSP - Water SupplyWater Supply Planning Community Engagement Handout06-2014
Economic Development - Jobs Community Engagement Handout.pdfSP - Economic Development (Jobs)Economic Development - Jobs Community Engagement Handout06-2014
Pavement Preservation Community Engagement Handout.pdfSP - Street & Road MaintenancePavement Preservation Community Engagement Handout06-2014
Public Transportation Community Engagement Handout.pdfSP - Public TransportationPublic Transportation Community Engagement Handout06-2014
Jobs Initiative Report.pdfSP - Economic Development (Jobs)Jobs Initiative Report06-17-2014
Water Supply Cost and Outcomes.pdfSP - Water SupplyWater Supply Cost and Outcomes07-22-2014
Water Supply Planning White Paper.pdfSP - Water SupplyWater Supply Planning White Paper05-13-2014
Economic Development - Jobs Fund White Paper.pdfSP - Economic Development (Jobs)Economic Development - Jobs Fund White Paper05-06-2014
Jobs Initiative.pdfSP - Economic Development (Jobs)Jobs Initiative07-22-2014
Pavement Preservation White Paper.pdfSP - Street & Road MaintenancePavement Preservation White Paper05-13-2014
Public Transportation White Paper.pdfSP - Public TransportationPublic Transportation White Paper05-06-2014

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