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Exploited and Missing Child Unit

The mission of the Exploited and Missing Child Unit is to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect, child exploitation, and reports of missing or abducted children. Investigators strive to identify offenders and present evidence for the prosecution of violators while minimizing trauma to the child victims. E.M.C.U. staff also strives to provide services and make effective resource referrals to victims and their families.

E.M.C.U. is a cooperative, joint investigative unit staffed with Sedgwick County Sheriff personnel, Wichita Police Department personnel, and Kansas Department of Children and Families personnel. The Forensic Computer Crimes Unit and the Kansas Internet Crimes Against Children Investigators work within the E.M.C.U. structure.

1211 S Emporia
Wichita, KS 67211
F: (316) 660-9486

Lt. Dale MatternSection CommanderEmail(316) 660-9478
Sgt. Jeff SwansonSection CommanderEmail(316) 660-9478
Sgt. Daniel Oliver (SCSO)Section CommanderEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Chris ZandlerInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Kevin BrownInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Steve MeyerInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Brent HuhmanInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Crystal SchellInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Jason WaiteInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. LaTavia KlumppInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Raymond AlversonInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Jennifer WrightInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. David WertzInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Heather HuhmanInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Hans AsmussenInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Troy BussardInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Stephanie NealInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Off. John BiaginiInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Off. Kathy GoebelInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. James PearmanInvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Justin Manning (SCSO)InvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Daniel Ribble (SCSO)InvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Shea Carpenter (SCSO)InvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Michael Randolph (SCSO)InvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478
Det. Preston Schroeder (SCSO)InvestigatorEmail(316) 660-9478