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Deputy Chief Anna Hatter - Field Services Division

Deputy Chief Anna Hatter is a 24-year-veteran of the Wichita Police Department (WPD), joining in April 1994.

During her tenure, she has been assigned to Patrol East and Patrol North as a patrol officer, community policing officer, and Special Community Action Team (SCAT) officer. Hatter also worked as a School Liaison Officer and DARE Officer. As a Detective, Hatter worked in the burglary section and sex crimes section.

In 2007, Hatter was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, assigned to both the Patrol East and Patrol South bureaus. As a Lieutenant, she commanded the 4th Watch Patrol West section and Auto Theft section in Investigations before being promoted in 2016 to Captain. As Captain, Hatter was assigned to the WPD Records Bureau and was very instrumental in assisting the department in transitioning to a new Records Management System.

In May 2018, Hatter was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief.

Hatter and her husband, Chris, have a total of five children and nine grandchildren.

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Deputy Chief Anna Hatter, Field Services Division Commander